Main Menu

 Pre Starters

Marinated Olives. (GF) (V) - £3.95

‘Deli Board’
Garlic Ciabatta, Prosciutto, Mushrooms, Smoked Salmon, Chorizo, Padron Peppers. - £14.95

Freshly Baked Bread, Beurre Noisette Butter and Olive Oil Jam. (V) - £4.95


Soup of the day, Fresh Sourdough Bread and Beurre Noisette Butter. - £6.50 / £10.95

Ox Cheek Doughnut, Onion Jam, and Herb Crumb. - £8.95

Gurnard, Tomato and Pepper Concasse, Bouillabaisse Broth, Rouille on Toast. - £8.95

‘Egg and Soldiers’
Confit Egg Yolk, Celeriac, Toasted Brioche, Rarebit and Truffle. (V, P) - £8.50

Mushroom Orzo, Artichoke Puree, Cured Egg Yolk and Parsley. (V, P) - £8.50/£16.50


‘Steak au Poivre’
Peppered Fillet Steak, Celeriac Remoulade, Mushroom and Spinach Tartlet, Truffle and Creamed Potato. - £26.95

Pork Chop, Mustard Mash, Creamed Leeks and Beetroot, Bacon Bits and a Red Wine Jus. - £19.95

Wild Sea Bass, Cavolo Nero, Hazelnuts, Fennel, Crushed New Potatoes and a Parsley Butter - £19.95

Vegetarian Wellington, Creamed Potato, Cavolo Nero, Braised Carrot and Vegetarian Jus. (V, P) - £15.95


Beef Burger, Old Winchester Welsh Rarebit, Alresford Watercress, Spiced Tomato Chutney, Triple Cooked Chips and Baby Leaf Salad - £15.95

Braised BBQ Whole Rack of Ribs, Triple Cooked Chips and Coleslaw. - £19.95

Beer Battered Fish, Triple Cooked Chips, Pickled Fennel Salad, Tartar Sauce and Crushed Peas - £14.95

Pickled Fennel and Pepper Salad, Goats Cheese, Pine Nuts and Aged Balsamic Vinegar (V) - £13.50


Triple Cooked Chips - £3.95
Baby Leaf Salad - £3.95
Frites - £3.95
Garlic Bread - £3.95
Coleslaw - £3.95
Fennel Salad - £3.95
Cavolo Nero - £3.95
Creamed Mashed Potato - £3.95


White Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Tuile and Fudge - £7.95

Apple Pie, Walnuts and Blackberry Ice Cream - £7.95

Blueberry Baked Alaska, Blueberry Powder -£7.50

A Selection Ice Cream and Sorbets with a Biscuit Crumb and Chocolate Shards - £6.75

A Selection of British Cheeses with a Traditional Garnish - £9.50

Balvenie Whisky and Cheese Flight
12 year and 14 year Balvenie matched with two British Cheeses - £12.95

We also offer a Tasting menu as well as the menu above. 

All our food is prepared fresh every day at The Purefoy. Dishes marked (GF) are Gluten free and (V) are vegetarian, however some dishes (unmarked) can be adapted. Please inform staff of any allergies.

 A 10% discretionary service charge will be added to bills for tables of 10 people or more.